My work seeks to create expressions that metabolize on the surface of the canvas, producing an image that is realistic enough to recognize, and yet strange enough to create distance. I have always been intrigued by the role of the artist as both observer and transmitter, as someone who documents and archives moments of lived experiences.

The impressions in my mind accumulate until the moment I start painting or drawing. The paint and the brush lead the way, whilst figures appear to order themselves independently, organically. I seek to capture the split second before emotion and judgment. Something not male or female, ugly or beautiful, but something that stands beyond the structured worldview of the spectator.

In my smaller works, manipulations of light and the sharp contrasts arise from putting lines in dialogue with one another. My larger figurative paintings reveal the human body, human face and human life in all its frailty. The narratives I propose in my series convey my interpretation of the story. The characters I depict stand unaware of my presence, unaware of being seen, just as I am unaware of their existence as they burst out of my brush.

The Netherlands